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Blurry Vision Requires an Eye Doctor Visit

Do you find yourself struggling to make out words or symbols from short to medium distances? Has reading become more difficult due to your lack of clear vision? For many of us, blurry vision has slowly become a bigger and bigger problem each day. Because of the progressive nature of this condition, some may not be as proactive about visiting an optometrist for proper diagnosis and treatment option(s). In actuality, scheduling an appointment to get your eyes checked can be a critical step in maintaining proper vision and assuring your life can continue to be as fulfilling as possible. The staff at University Vision Centre in El Paso, TX, are all too aware of patients putting off necessary vision treatment and have witnessed the consequences, first hand.

An Optometrist Sees All

Besides making reading more difficult, blurry vision causes additional problems and can signal even more severe problems for your future. Safety, while driving, operating machinery, or handling other day to day activities, may be compromised. This puts you and others around you, at risk. Additionally, blurry vision may be some of the first signs to more serious problems, such as cataracts, diabetic eye disease a neurological condition or damage, or other health-related conditions. Because of the varying conditions which may be causes or effects, it is of utmost importance to have a professional eye doctor perform thorough checks and give a proper diagnosis.

El Paso's Eye Health Professionals

Our practice in El Paso specializes in treating patients with a multitude of conditions and needs. We pride ourselves in having a team of eye doctors on staff who have numerous years of experience and training, as well as some of the most state of the art equipment available, in order to give patients the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options. Our staff at University Vision Centre looks forward to meeting with and examining new and existing patients to help all maintain their best qualities of life. Call 915-533-1811 or message us today to set up an appointment.

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