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Myopia Treatment

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Myopia Treatment by Your El Paso Optometrist

Myopia (near-sightedness) is a common condition (almost 40% of Americans have myopia) in which people can see close objects clearly but objects at a distance are blurry. Myopia is thought to have a genetic component so if both parents have myopia their child is more likely to also have myopia.

What is Myopia?

In uncorrected myopia, the eyeball is elongated instead of spherical which causes light entering the eye to be focused in front of the retina (instead of directly on the surface of the retina as in normal vision) which causes blurry vision. Myopia usually develops in early childhood during the first few years of school and can rapidly progress during pre-teen years.

Myopia, in addition to potentially causing eyestrain, headaches and problems seeing the classroom blackboard has been correlated with trauma during childhood due to bullying because of the wearing of thick corrective lenses.

Types of Myopia Control Treatments

Myopia control includes 4 different types of treatment to try to control the progression of myopia. The first treatment utilizes atropine eye drops which are the same eyedrops usually used for a dilated retinal eye exam. Atropine dilates the pupil and paralyzes accommodation (the ability of the eye to change focus from distant to near objects). This allows the eye to completely relax. The effects of atropine usually wear off in several hours but can last for several weeks. 4 short= term studies using atropine eye drops with nearsighted children showed an 81% reduction in the progression of myopia.

A second treatment used for myopia control is called Orthokeratology (also called corneal reshaping contact lenses) whereby specially designed gas permeable contact lenses are worn by myopic children during sleep. These contact lenses temporarily correct nearsightedness so neither glasses nor contact lenses are needed when awake. Studies have shown that after several years of Orthokeratology nearsighted children end up with less myopia.

The third treatment for myopia control is the use of multifocal contact lenses. These specialized contact lenses have different powers in different segments and have been found to slow the progression of myopia.

The fourth treatment for myopia control is the use of multifocal eyeglasses which have also been found to decrease the progression of myopia.

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