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Glaucoma Treatment in El Paso, TX

Man with glaucoma symptoms needs to see an eye doctor.

Glaucoma Treatment in El Paso, TX

Glaucoma is one of many eye conditions that lead to loss of vision. In the case of glaucoma, a mounting pressure within the eye leads to optic nerve damage. More than 3 million Americans have developed glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness. Here is what you need to know about this damaging eye disease.

Causes of Glaucoma

This condition is the result of long-term intraocular pressure. A buildup of pressure causes problems with the liquid flow of the eye. Visual impairment occurs when the liquid, or aqueous humor, becomes blocked. Intraocular pressure may be the result of genetics, chemical injury, infection, or an inflammatory disease.

Risk Factors for Glaucoma

People with diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension are at a greater risk of developing glaucoma. In order to reduce the chance of developing glaucoma, people can do the following:

  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly
  • Wear eye protection
  • Take medication that balanced the eye's pressure
  • Become familiar with the family's health history
  • Take annual eye exams that detect the early stages of glaucoma

Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma tends to gradually set in, with little to no symptoms showing up near the beginning. Symptoms include blurry or foggy vision, throbbing eye pain, redness, halos, dilated pupils, nausea, and headaches. If you are displaying any of these symptoms, check in with a doctor right away to address potential glaucoma.

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If you have glaucoma, a University Vision Centre optometrist can provide eye care to slow down or prevent the worsening of this condition. We offer comprehensive eye examinations, diabetic eye care, low vision treatment, LASIK surgery, and more. Our eye health experts would be more than glad to care for a glaucoma patient.

Call us at 915-533-1811 to find out more about the center's glaucoma treatment options.

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