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Contacts Lenses vs. Traditional Glasses

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Contacts Lenses vs. Traditional Glasses With Our El Paso Optometry Team

Those who have just learned that they need prescription vision correction have two main choices to pick from: Glasses or contact lenses. This decision should not be taken lightly, because for some activities and lifestyles, one is definitely more fitting than the other. Here are some things that University Vision Centre of El Paso believes should be considered:

When to Choose Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are great for those who want to maintain a glasses-free appearance and still have great visual acuity. They are also good for those who partake in land-based sports that could result in the breakage or loss of eyeglasses. The one limitation is that they aren't recommended for swimming. Microbes in the water can get behind contacts and cause infections.

Another benefit of contact lenses is their ability to change apparent eye color. This effect has been used for costumes but it can also be more subdued. Costume lenses from your eye doctor's office are made to your prescription, so they fit your eyes and provide the visual improvement you need.

When to Choose Eyeglasses

If you would find the cleaning requirements of contact lenses to be too tedious to keep up with, or you may have trouble with the ongoing expense of buying new contacts, it may be best to choose glasses. Glasses are also great fashion statements with the right frames, and there are always hundreds of styles to pick from.

When it comes to activities, glasses are good for those that do not involve a high-impact activity or running. Thanks to tinted options, they can offer excellent protection against sunlight. However, they cannot be worn in the water, so for that, it's better to wear swim goggles.

Talk to Our Optometrists

If you'd like a consultation to help you decide whether to use glasses or contacts, or you need an eye exam, make an appointment with one of our optometrists here at University Vision Centre of El Paso. We'll be glad to give you our advice.

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