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Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision

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Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision With Our El Paso Optometry Clinic

Many of us enjoy the delicious flavors of vegetables and fruits. Increasing research also shows that they may be even more beneficial for our health than previously recognized. Particularly in regards to the field of optometry and proper eye health and function, fruits and veggies are proving to be of vital importance. Here, at University Vision Centre in El Paso, we couldn't agree more. And, with scientists, doctors, health officials and researchers championing the idea that, when it comes to fruits and veggies, more matters, we wanted to take a minute to discuss the need for more fruits and veggies in our daily diets.

The Eyes Have It

As kids, many of us heard our parents urge us to eat our fruits and veggies to grow up big and strong. Today's nutritional research shows that not only was this good advice, but it may also be the difference between optimal eye health and deteriorating vision. Certain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids come directly from common vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans. Leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, collard and turnip greens, red berries like raspberries or strawberries, sweet potatoes, avocados, bell peppers, and various citrus are just some of the fruits and veggies recommended to be included in a daily diet in order to benefit the eyes.

More Matters

Recently, the CDC has revised its recommendations for servings of fruits and vegetables to exceed five daily. Accordingly, they have begun using the slogan "more matters" as a way of encouraging everyone to increase their dietary intake of the bounty from the limbs, stems, and roots. Of course, there is always a necessity for some amounts of fish, poultry and red meat, but the levels of fruits and veggies should be considerably more.

Expert Eye Health in El Paso

Our professionals at University Vision Centre are committed to helping patients achieve the best possible eyesight solutions and preventative maintenance plans. Everything from eye exams and fittings for top quality glasses to consultations about eye protection and proper nutritional decisions, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Give us a call at 915-533-1811.

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