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5 Questions about Contact Lenses to Ask Your Optometrist

5 Questions about Contact Lenses to Ask Your Optometrist at University Vision Centre in El Paso

Many active Americans are seeking more flexibility when it comes to their eye care needs. While some have found success through LASIK surgery, this procedure isn't for everyone. If you find yourself in this category, contact lenses may be the perfect option for you. Before taking that leap, the University Vision Centre team in El Paso, TX wants to answer the most commonly asked questions our new contact lenses patients come to us with.

Do I Need a Special Prescription?

Contacts are worn directly on the eye, making comfort and fit of the utmost importance. Since each patient’s eyes are unique, you’ll need a separate prescription for your new lenses. Your contacts prescription should include information regarding the brand you were fit with, base curve, diameter, and power/sphere.

Are There Different Types?

From extended wear, to disposables and colored lenses, there are a variety of different lens types available. To ensure your lens needs are met, it’s important you discuss your lifestyle and lens goals with your optometrist during your appointment.

What If I Don’t Like My New Lens?

Once your El Paso eye doctor has made a recommendation, they will send you home with a trial pair. If these do not prove to be a good fit, a new recommendation will be made. While it’s perfectly suitable to try out various styles, it’s important you confer with your optician prior to making any changes.

Can I Extend the Life of My Contact Lenses?

While it may be tempting to use your lenses longer than the prescribed, lens wearers are cautioned against this. Doing so can lead to a severe eye infection.

How Do I Care for My Contacts?

During your optometry appointment, you’ll be given lens care instructions. Without proper handling and hygiene, you run the risk of irritation and infection. Therefore, it is critical that you follow the prescribed guidelines and approach your eye doctor with any questions.

Schedule an Appointment with Your El Paso Eye Doctor Today

When fitted and cared for properly, contacts can be affordable and convenient option for most patients. To learn about your options, schedule an optometry appointment today. Call (915) 533-1811 or request an appointment online today.

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