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  • Senior Eye Care
    University Vision Centre Offers Senior Eye Care As individuals age, they may find they have increasing problems reading, driving at night or enjoying their favorite activities. Diminishing vision can have a Read more
  • Sports Vision
    The Best Care for Your Vision  When it comes to your eyes, you want to choose wisely and select the right eye doctor. University Vision Centre in El Paso is able Read more
  • Preparing Your Child For A Pediatric Eye Exam
    Preparing Your Child For A Pediatric Eye Exam Before your child begins school, you want to make sure that he or she can see correctly and aren't suffering from any common Read more
  • Importance of Eye Protection
    Importance of Eye Protection Your eyes play an important role in your life not just in terms of your vision, but also in terms of conveying emotion and setting a good Read more
  • Pink Eye: Things You Should Know
    Pink Eye Taking care of our eyes is important for so many reasons. Itchy, irritated eyes and blurry vision can be annoying, and if not properly diagnosed, may cause severe long Read more
  • Eye Allergies
    Eye Allergies Eye allergies are the most common form of eye discomfort. The dreaded itching, burning, tearing of eyes happens when an irritant or allergen gets into your eye. Thus, triggering Read more
  • Diabetes and Your Eyes
    Patients with diabetes are at greater risk of eye complications like retinopathy, cataracts, blurry vision, and glaucoma. In fact, it’s the leading cause of vision loss in individuals between the Read more
  • Low Vision
    Learn about Low Vision with Our Optometrist at University Vision Centre  Some eye problems are not as cut and dry as just needing a prescription lens to fix. Low vision is Read more
  • 3 Conditions Commonly Treated with Eye Surgery by an Optometrist in El Paso
    Complicated or severely debilitating conditions affecting your eye may require surgery to rectify. Through precise surgical techniques, eye surgeons can resolve the condition and correct your vision issues. To learn Read more
  • Blurry Vision Requires an Eye Doctor Visit
    Do you find yourself struggling to make out words or symbols from short to medium distances? Has reading become more difficult due to your lack of clear vision? For many Read more
  • 5 Questions about Contact Lenses to Ask Your Optometrist
    5 Questions about Contact Lenses to Ask Your Optometrist at University Vision Centre in El Paso Many active Americans are seeking more flexibility when it comes to their eye care needs. Read more
  • Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits Up Until The New Year
    Check Your Remaining Insurance Benefits We are fast approaching the end of the 2018 calendar year, which means insurance benefits are about to change or reset. Unlike regular health insurance that Read more
  • UV Protection Tips during the El Paso Winter Time
    El Paso Winter Time UV Protection Tips Protecting your eyes in the winter time is every bit as important as when the temperature outdoors is very warm. Since UV rays can Read more
  • Does Your Child Need Glasses?
    Does your child need glasses? You Should Bring Your Child For An Eye Exam Caring for your child's medical needs is an important part of routine care that needs to be Read more
  • Signs Your Kids Have Vision Problems
    University Vision Centre Discusses Monitoring Your Child's Vision Vision is very important to childhood learning and development. The brain is beginning to interpret what it sees so that it can define Read more

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