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  • Pediatric Eye Care
    Pediatric Eye Care with our El Paso OptometristsChildren need to be able to see clearly in order to read, explore their surroundings safely and do schoolwork. Having eye conditions that Read more
  • What is Presbyopia?
    What is Presbyopia? Presbyopia is an age-related vision problem occurring when your eye lenses start losing their flexibility. Stiffening of the lenses typically starts in your 40s when proteins comprising Read more
  • Keratoconus Diagnosis and Treatment
    Keratoconus: Corneal DiseaseKeratoconus, sometimes called KC, is a disease of the eye that affects the cornea, or outside surface of the front of the eye. It occurs when the corneal tissue Read more
  • What is Macular Degeneration?
    What is Macular Degeneration?Deterioration of the macula in people over 60 is commonly diagnosed as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). An area of specialized tissues located in the center of your Read more
  • What does it Mean to be Nearsighted?
    What does it Mean to be Nearsighted?You may not realize it, but not everybody has perfectly spherical eyeballs. In fact, small irregularities in the shape and size of human eyes are relatively Read more
  • Diagnosing and Treating Lazy Eye
    Diagnosing and Treating Lazy Eye in El Paso, TXApproximately 3 out of every 100 children struggle with a vision problem known as amblyopia, although you may have heard of it before Read more
  • Low Vision Treatment
    Treatment for Low Vision from Your El Paso OptometristThe low vision describes visual impairment that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, eye surgery, contact lenses or medication. Vision loss associated with Read more
  • Eye Exams for Your Child Before School Starts
    University Vision Centre: Eye Exams for Your Child Before School StartsAt University Vision Centre, our El Paso optometrist offers eye and vision exams for the entire family. If your child Read more
  • Can Diabetes Impair Your Vision?
    Can Diabetes Impair Your Vision?Understanding how diabetes can affect your vision begins with understanding how much the retina relies on a healthy blood supply provided by a vast network of Read more
  • Regular Eye Exams
    Regular Eye Exams at University Vision Centre, Our Eye Doctors in El PasoVisiting your eye doctor for routine eye exams is essential. It is the best way to ensure your Read more
  • Eye Injury Treatments
    Eye Injury Treatment from Our El Paso OptometristsAt University Vision Centre, our El Paso optometrists take your eye and vision health very seriously. If you have recently suffered an eye Read more
  • What is Dry Eye and How Can it be Treated?
    What is Dry Eye and How Can it be Treated?If your eyes feel dry and gritty much of the time, and appear red, it's a good idea to make an Read more
  • What Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health
    What Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your HealthAt University Vision Centre, our El Paso optometrists and eye care team are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal eye and vision Read more
  • What Is Presbyopia and Why Does It Inhibit Vision When We Age?
    If You Detect Vision Changes After Turning 40, It Is Not Your ImaginationWe all rely so heavily on our visual abilities in our modern world, thanks to a combination of Read more
  • What is glaucoma?
    What is glaucoma?Glaucoma is a serious disease of the eye where the optic nerve is damaged, leading to gradual and irreversible vision loss. Glaucoma is currently the 2nd leading cause Read more

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