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University Vision Centre serves El Paso and the surrounding areas with comprehensive, quality eye care.  We treat a variety of conditions and do comprehensive yearly eye exams to make sure that your eye health remains the same year after year. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Astigmatism:

  • I have recently been diagnosed with astigmatism. What does that mean for my future eye health? Don’t panic. Astigmatism is one of the most benign eye conditions and simply means that there is an irregular curvature of your cornea. This curvature can make seeing things clearly difficult because it distorts your focus on the object, affecting vision at all distances. 
  • How common is astigmatism? Nearly everyone has some form of astigmatism in one or both of their eyes. It does not always need corrective treatment and the level of treatment you may need will depend on the astigmatism of each eye. Symptoms of astigmatism include headaches, eyestrain, blurry vision at all distances, and fatigue. If you experience any changes in your eyesight, set up an appointment with our optometrist, because the sooner you address an issue the better your prognosis will be. 
  • What caused my astigmatism? Astigmatism can be caused by a variety of things, including genetics, pressure on the cornea, eye strain at work, and even incorrect posture. 
  • What is the astigmatism treatment plan?  The exact treatment plan will depend on the cause and severity of your astigmatism. Typically, an eyeglass or toric contact prescription will correct the issue. You might not need any treatment at all if other eye issues are not present. 
  • Will I need eye surgery?  Refractive or Laser Eye Surgery is not unheard of to correct astigmatism. Refractive surgery can change the shape of the cornea on otherwise healthy eyes. You can discuss if this is an option to correct your eyesight with your optometrist. It is not right for everyone and can be considered an elective procedure. 

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If you have had any changes in your vision, set up an appointment with a skilled eye doctor for an exam to find out what is going on and start a treatment plan to fix any issues. At University Vision Centre we serve El Paso and the surrounding areas with quality eye care. Call today for your appointment, 915-533-1811. 

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