Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care at University Vision Centre in El Paso, Texas

At University Vision Centre, we provide the highest level of care for each of our patients. We do this by providing a customized treatment plan to address any eye health or vision limitations you may have. Our team, including Dr. Blair, Dr. Ellis and Dr. Garner, provide care for patients suffering from diabetes. If you have this condition, you need ongoing medical care. A key component of that care is diabetic vision examinations.

Why Do You Need Eye Exams with Diabetes?

Eye care for diabetics is very important. It’s important for you to maintain proper blood sugar levels to minimize the risk of eye-related complications. The American Diabetes Association notes that those who have diabetes are four times more likely to develop retinopathy if they do not keep their blood sugar levels controlled. Our team can help you with the annual diabetic vision screening you need.

Dilated Eye Exams for Diabetics

Individuals who have diabetes should have a professional eye exam from an eye care professional at least one time per year. This should be a dilated eye exam. Dilation is the process of placing, drops in your eyes to encourage the pupil to dilate or widen. This allows us to have a much more thorough view of the interior of the eye. A standard eye exam is not enough for most patients. The sooner we spot any concern with your vision or eye health, the faster we can take steps to reduce the risks associated with your overall vision.

Symptoms of Diabetic Complications to Vision

Whenever you experience any vision-related changes, it is important to contact your eye doctor at University Vision Centre right away. Changes in vision can be a sign of complications or an immediate medical need. As a diabetic, specific symptoms to monitor for include:

  • Suddenly onset of blurry vision or worsening vision
  • Difficulty reading signs, books, or watching TV
  • Double vision
  • Pressure in your eyes
  • Red eyes that do not improve within a few hours or a day
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Spots or floaters develop in your vision
  • Lines that should be straight do not look that way
  • The amount of vision you have lessens, especially along the outer edges

If you have any concerns about your eye health or vision, contact our offices immediately for care. Diabetic retinopathy, or changes in vision, is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. As a result, you need to have a thorough eye screening to rule out any complications to your vision.

Contact Our El Paso, Texas Office for an Appointment Today

Diabetic retinopathy isn’t something to ignore. If we notice any complications to your eye health or vision from diabetes, we’ll work with your diabetes doctor to better manage the disease. We can also refer you to a retinal specialist for more severe conditions. It all starts with a call for an appointment in our El Paso, Texas office. Call us today: 915-533-1811.

Diabetic Eye Care at University Vision Centre in El Paso, Texas

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