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Our Optical Department Will Have You Seeing in Style

Wearing glasses used to be stigmatized, but today's glasses provide both crystal-clear vision correction and brilliant fashion statements. University Vision Centre stands ready to help you find the ideal blend of form and function through your new pair of eyeglasses in our optical department.

A Wide World of Lens Options at University Vision Centre

Once your optometrist at University Vision Centre has found your exact prescription for corrective lenses, you can get lenses that match that prescription perfectly right here at our optical department. In fact, you may be surprised by the sheer variety of lens options we offer. These include:

  • Single-vision lenses - These lenses are standard issue for uncomplicated refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and mild astigmatism.
  • Bifocal/Trifocal lenses - These venerable lenses, first developed by Ben Franklin himself, provide separate corrective prescriptions in different areas of the lenses to correct for presbyopia.
  • Progressive lenses - Progressive lenses contain a seamless gradation from distance vision to near vision, allowing you to see clearly at all distances without strain.
  • Computer lenses - If you spend hours a day at a computer, you may benefit from lenses designed to offer clear vision at the exact distance between your face and the screen.

In addition to these basic applications, we can also equip you with a wide range of helpful options. Anti-glare coatings are a common feature, especially on computer lenses. Another glare-cutting option, polarized lenses, filter out the light that bounces up at your eyes from a shiny or bright surface, such as sand, snow or water. Of course, we can also add the tint of your choice to your lenses for extra glare reduction. You can either have prescription sunglasses made for sunny outdoor environments, or you can have all-purpose variable tinted (photochromic) lenses that become lighter or darker depending on the ambient lighting. Either way, our team can make sure your lenses block 100 percent of dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Even the material you choose can make a difference. We're happy to provide high-quality, affordable CR-39 plastic lenses --but we also offer polycarbonate, a material known for its shatter resistance (which makes it a great choice for children's eyewear or sports/workplace glasses). If you want the thinnest, lightest lenses possible, you'll love our high-index glasses.

The Perfect Frames for the Perfect Glasses

The perfect eyeglass lenses for your needs should be surrounded by the perfect frames for your facial shape and sense of style. We will be happy to help you pick out frames that flatter your looks and fit your face perfectly. Our optical department also provides over 1,000 designer frames, a veritable alphabet of dazzling names, from Anne Klein to Versace.

Contact Our Local Optometrist in El Paso, TX for More Information!

Whether you're getting your first pair of glasses or your fiftieth, your eyes deserve the highest standard of optical care, which means that they deserve a visit to University Vision Centre. Contact us at 915-533-1811 for expert assistance from our optical department!

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